Friday, June 8, 2012

Ghostgirl - Book review by Lindsay

Ghostgirl  by Tonya Hurley

Charlotte Usher is the invisible girl at school. Nobody pays attention to her. Over the holidays, she does nothing but prepare herself for the new school year, giving herself an extreme makeover. She's determined to be "somebody", instead of the girl nobody would miss, even if she died. Unfortunetly, she does die. She chokes on a gummy bear. Yep, death by gummy bear. Well, now that she's a ghost, she just has to find a more creative way to achieve her goals...

Okay, the plotline of this book is actually really interesting, I love the story, I think it had so much potential, but I think it all went to waste. The characters were highly underdeveloped, the writing was slightly erratic, sometimes cheesy, and I just think it could have been done a lot better. It's an okay book, but I think the author should've taken a little bit more time writing it.

Book Review by Lindsay

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