Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poisened Honey - Book Review by Kristen M.

Poisened Honey by Beatrice Gormley

Poisened Honey is a great story about two of the bible's most famous people.

As a child, Mari Magdalene is like a lot of children, wanting to have fun and getting in trouble. When she gets married to an old man she starts using spells to survive! Because of this, she becomes strongly possessed. After using a spell to kill her husband, Mari's brother takes her to see Yeshua, who drives the spirits away.

This story also includes Matthew, the tax collector. When Matthew's brother James runs away, disapproving of his father's work, Matthew becomes unsure of his once strong admiration for his father. Soon though, a man comes and asks Matthew if he would like to work as a tax collector near Magdala. Matthew agrees, and in trying to be better at his work, he soon becomes worse than his father.

In the end, Matthew and Mari travel together to meet Yeshua and become his disciples.

I loves this book because it was funny, sad, and has romance. It was amazingly well written and had a great plot.

Book Review by Kristen M.

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